Nepal SEEDS fosters strong relationships with rural communities to support and encourage projects that focus on education, health, water, and the environment.


Nepal SEEDS works with teachers and parents to improve the quality of education in their communities. We currently support 20 schools by providing:



Nepal SEEDS collaborates with communities and medical organizations to advance the variety and quality of rural health care. Efforts include:

  • Support for development and operation of local medical clinics.
  • Funding for local medical practitioners’ and nurses’ salaries.
  • Workshops in basic health care and sanitation, particularly for women.
  • Learn more about our Health Projects.


Nepal SEEDS shares with our communities the vision that everyone needs access to water for drinking, sanitation, and hygiene. Together we construct:

  • Water systems that deliver clean water to communities.
  • Rainwater catchment systems that allow households to capture and store additional water.
  • Learn more about our Water Projects.


Nepal SEEDS fosters initiatives that concurrently improve the environment and people’s health. These include:


Your donation can help communities create lasting solutions that

improve and sustain their schools, water, health and environment.