Supporting Rural Education

Providing quality education in rural Nepal is difficult due to isolated locations, limited resources, and a lack of teachers that contribute to a high drop-out rate. Parents often feel their best option is to send a child to school in a city. As a result, many children are raised in boarding institutions far from their homes and families. Some lose touch with their local language and unique cultural heritage, and rarely return as full-time residents. To counter the threat out-migration poses for the future of rural communities, Nepal SEEDS is dedicated to developing village schools so children can obtain a quality education while living in and learning from their indigenous cultural environment.

Nepal SEEDS supports local educational initiatives by providing salaries for teachers, school supplies, and nutritional programs to the schools listed below.

  • Bhorle (Rasuwa District): Janakalyan, Suryodaya, and Semjong Primary Schools.
  • Chitlang (Makwanpur District): Kalidevi Primary School.
  • Sisneri and Fakhel (Makwanpur District): Bandevi, Janashram, and Manjushree Jana Primary Schools and Kalika Lower Secondary School.
  • Pharping (Dakshinkali Municipality): Manakamana Primary School.
  • Gorkha Municipality (Gorkha District): Shree Manakamana Secondary School for the Deaf.
  • Nubri (Gorkha District): Gaurishankar, Lho, Gap, Sirangee Gumba, Gumba Himali, and Prok Primary Schools.
  • Tsum (Gorkha District): Buddha, Chhekam, and Chhulenile Primary Schools.

Daniel Kafle Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Daniel Kafle Scholarship Endowment Fund is named in memory of KP’s oldest son who lost his life in a tragic accident.  Daniel believed in the importance of education and taught at their local church school.  The Endowment is a permanent source of funds where the earnings provide scholarships to support children, especially girls, for who higher education is beyond their financial means but not their aspirations.

Shree Manakamana School for the Deaf

Deaf children in Nepal have few opportunities to learn and attain independent lives. The Shree Manakamana School for the Deaf combats this problem by providing deaf students from kindergarten through ninth grade a safe and healthy place to learn and develop independent life skills. Since 2008 Nepal SEEDS has provided assistance through annual donations of food and the salary for a teacher, as well as infrastructural improvements including a piped water system that improves sanitation and helps them grow vegetables in the school’s garden.

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