Nepal SEEDS Mission Statement

Nepal SEEDS partners with local communities to create lasting solutions that improve and sustain their schools, water, health and environment.

About Nepal SEEDS

Nepal SEEDS was founded in 1998 by trekking guide KP Kafle who cares deeply about his country and the everyday challenges faced by fellow villagers. In 1998 he inspired a group of friends to support a non-profit organization that provides funding for projects at the grassroots level. As Executive Director of Nepal SEEDS, KP’s tireless energy and commitment to his country have enabled him to personally oversee the growth and development of the foundation’s activities. Equally at home on a dirt floor in a village or making a presentation to a standing-room-only audience, KP inspires all who meet him.

Community Partnerships

Nepal SEEDS is committed to a community partnership model. We entrust locals to propose, implement, and maintain projects in their own communities. Community partners present well-articulated proposals that build on existing projects.

Nepali District Coordinators help identify needs and monitor projects, and maintain lines of communication between rural project sites, the main office in Kathmandu, and board members in the USA.

This model supports solutions that are feasible, sustainable, and compatible with the social and cultural situation.


Meet our Nepal Staff and Board of Directors, the people who make Nepal SEEDS work.


Geographical Focus

Nepal SEEDS works within clearly defined areas where we have developed strong relationships with communities based on cooperation and mutual respect. Integrating several projects in relatively small areas amplifies benefits. For example, piping water to homes frees children to spend more time in a SEEDS sponsored school; reducing infant mortality allows parents to have fewer children and devote more attention to their education.

In addition to supporting a home for the elderly in Kathmandu and a School for the Deaf in the town of Gorkha, the primary sites of Nepal SEEDS activities are:

  • Chitlang, Sisneri, and Fakhel in Makwanpur District.
  • Mathurapati in Kavre District.
  • Bhorle in Rasuwa District.
  • Nubri, Tsum, and Pipalchap in Gorkha District.


At this time Nepal SEEDS does not have volunteer positions. The best way to support the work of Nepal SEEDS is to share the stories and news about our mission and impact with your friends, families and colleagues, watch our Facebook page for updates, and make a donation. Thank you for your interest and support of our work.


Your donation can help communities create lasting solutions that improve and sustain their schools, water, health and environment.