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New Project Year

Nepal SEEDS begins a new project year with several important projects, in addition to continued funding for our teachers, schools and clinics. With your help, we will be able to build the water project described below.

Takatar Water Project, Chitlang, Makwanpur

There’s an acute shortage of clean drinking water in Takatar, Chitlang, Makwanpur District. Villagers have to walk 30-60 minutes to fill one 20-liter jar. They need at least 5-10 jars per day, the equivalent of one person spending their entire day carrying water.

Often, it’s the children who must fetch the water rather than reading, studying, and doing their schoolwork. By delivering the water close to their homes, this new system allows children to attend school regularly, while still having time for homework.

As KP likes to say: “Education is the nation’s foundation”. This drinking water project lays the foundation for their future development. Additionally, villagers will have more time to devote to other income generating projects such as agriculture, animal husbandry, and assorted handicrafts.

A reliable drinking water supply enhances irrigation efforts, permitting “kitchen gardens” that increase yearly vegetable production.

The increased time and water supply further enhance each family’s nutrition quantity and quality. Some village householders are planning to generate income from the surplus vegetables their gardens will begin producing over and above what their families actually need.

The villagers in Takatar are excited about the many advantages and benefits streaming from this new water project and are eagerly awaiting its completion. Currently, 40 households containing 338 people will finally have access to clean drinking water from this new Nepal SEEDS project!