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Nepal SEEDS was founded in 1998 by KP Kafle. The board of directors continues to evolve by adding new members who have the skills and commitment to move projects forward.
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Nepal SEEDS Staff

Members of our staff in Nepal manage an efficient office in Kathmandu and monitor all of our projects to find out what works, and what needs to be improved.
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Office Staff

Keshav Bhetwal

A certified accountant, Keshav Bhetwal joined Nepal SEEDS as Deputy Director in 2008. He works with KP on oversight of all projects, and is responsible for monitoring all of project level operational and financial matters.

He resides in Kathmandu with his wife and younger son; his older son is currently serving in the U.S. Army.
Santoshi Balami

Santoshi was born and raised in Pharping, south of Kathmandu. She first worked with Nepal SEEDS as a teacher at Shree Manakamana Primary School, Pharping, in 2005.

Santoshi joined Nepal SEEDS as an Office Assistant in 2008. In addition to her office duties, she handles the correspondence with directors and donors. She attends college in Kathmandu where she is studying English and Sociology.
District Coordinators
Mohan Singh Thing (Smiley)

Smiley was born and raised in Bhorle VDC, Rasuwa District.  He began working with KP in 1996, and he became the Rasuwa District coordinator for Nepal SEEDS in 2008.

He is a founder and chairman of Janakalyan Primary School, located in Bhorle. Smiley is a strong leader, engaging both government and political leaders in discussions about the needs in his community.  His strength and confidence are great assets to Nepal SEEDS. He has one son and two daughters who are studying in Kathmandu.
Thinley Lama

Thinley became Nepal SEEDS district coordinator for Gorkha in 2009. Although born, raised, and educated in Kathmandu, his mother is from Sama village in Nubri.

Thinley’s physical fitness and good command of both the English and Tibetan languages are invaluable assets, as are his family connection to the area that he monitors for Nepal SEEDS. He also has extensive experience working as a research assistant on scientific studies in the highlands of Nepal.
Hari Krishna Pudashaini

Hari has worked with KP for many years and became Nepal SEEDS’ district coordinator for the Makawanpur District in 2008.

He was born and raised in Kaflini Village, Makawanpur, south of Kathmandu. He has two sons: one studied medicine in China (supported by Nepal SEEDS) and is now a doctor in Nepal, while the other is studying engineering in Kathmandu. Hari lives in Pharping with his father, mother, wife, and youngest son.
Jorlal Thing
Jorlal was born and raised in Bhorle, Rasuwa District north of Kathmandu. Now he lives in Kathmandu with his wife and two children. He has worked with KP Kafle for the last 16 years. Due to his energy, work ethic, and commitment to Nepal SEEDS, he rose to the position of district coordinator in 2011.



Stories and Profiles

Story of Roshani Balami
Post: Teacher (Nepal SEEDS)
Shree Manakamana Primary School
Appointment Date: 1st Dec, 2010
I am Roshani Balami. I am from a small village called Dathuban.  I am a teacher of Shree Manakamana Primary School, Pharping hire by Nepal SEEDS from 1st December 2010 till now. I teach Science, Nepali and Social Studies.
First of all hearty thank to Nepal SEEDS to help me and this school. I have been working in this school from four years. I feel so proud to being the part of SEEDS because it has done really good work for our school and this village. SEEDS has improved and developed education in this village as well as other remote area of Nepal. SEEDS provide teacher, school supplies, teaching material, school building for our school.
As I have joined the education faculty it has proved that I want to teach poor students and make their future bright. I am very thankful to SEEDS that SEEDS provide me such opportunities. I hope SEEDS will help us in future also.

Story of Ramesh Adhikari
Post: Teacher (Nepal SEEDS)
Shree Bandevi Primary School, Sisnery, Makawanpur
Appointment Date:  2006
I am Ramesh Adhikari, and I am a Primary Teacher at the Bandevi Primary School in Sisnery.   I always wanted to become as a teacher.  Now, I would like to spend my whole life teaching so that I can help to preserve our cultural heritage, environment, and to give a quality education to the children in my village.

First of all, I want to say a million thank to Nepal SEEDS for your great support that started when I first applied to be a teacher in Bandevi Primary School in 2006.
I am so glad that I was able to return back to my village school as a teacher. I feel very happy to teach small children and to help them get a good education.

Besides teaching I am very involved in an environment program, especially trash collecting around the school area. I try to help the kids establish an understanding of their environment and their responsibility for taking care of it. Nepal SEEDS supports my school with school supplies, a teacher, teaching materials, and school furniture. We, teachers and students, benefit every day in our teaching and learning. We all send our thanks to Nepal SEEDS for your great support.
KP Kafle with some of the students
at Bandevi Primary School.