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  Working with teachers and parents to improve the quality
of primary schools.
Nubri & Tsum
Sisneri, Chitlang,
& Bhorle Schools
School for
Deaf Children

Nepal SEEDS seeks to empower rural communities by responding to requests by local residents to improve the quality of education. We provide funding for 15 schools in rural communities, including the salaries of 17 teachers, as well as instructional materials and nutritional supplements.

Nepal SEEDS works with village leaders to identify and support local candidates for teaching positions. Community-based teachers, familiar with the language, culture, and social environment, alleviate a major problem impacting schools throughout rural Nepal: the high absentee rate of teachers sent to work in unfamiliar and isolated environments.

We meet the educational needs of over 1,000 students. Our innovative, integrated, and culturally sensitive approach ensures that schools in our focus areas have the infrastructure and human resources necessary to function at the highest possible level.


  Developing clinics based on indigenous knowledge and medical traditions, and providing basic training in health care, sanitation, and health.
Women's Health

Nepal SEEDS employs a two-pronged approach to provide basic health services to the villagers in our project areas.
  • Nepal SEEDS draws on local expertise and partnerships with villagers to construct clinics in their local communities that deliver basic health care services.
  • In order to enhance the local knowledge of medical practices, Nepal SEEDS provides support for women's health in the form of training seminars and a specialized clinic for maternal health care.

Biogas, water systems, and composting toilets improve peoples’ health while protecting the environment.

Nepal SEEDS supports several initiatives that aim to simultaneously improve the environment and people’s health. These include the development of biogas to reduce dependency on forests for fuel, composting outhouses that create fertilizer and reduce the spread of disease, and water systems that bring clean water directly to people’s homes. In addition, Nepal SEEDS has been involved in projects to restore and preserve threatened landscapes and wildlife species.

Your donation can help people achieve better
health, education, and an improved environment.

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SEEDS projects focus on several distinct regions within Nepal to foster strong working relationships with villagers.  We support and encourage projects and services that focus on education, health, and the environment.

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