This page reports on damages to our project sites and the work that Nepal SEEDS is doing to provide short and long-term relief.
Damaged house in Bhorle.
Damaged house in Bhorle.
Makeshift shelter in Bhorle.
Damaged house in Bhorle.
First shipment of tin being loaded in Kathmandu.
District Coordinator Mohan Singh with first tin shipment.


Bhorle is a community in Rasuwa District, one of the areas most devasted by the April 25th earthquake. In Bhorle Nepal SEEDS supports two schools, a health post, water systems, and biogas projects. Bhorle was hit hard: 32 people lost their lives and almost 100% of houses either collapsed are sustained so much damage that they are now unihhabitable. Both schools were badly damaged.

With the monsoon rains approaching rapidly the first priority is to provide tin so people can construct temporary shelters. Nepal SEEDS has already sent enough tin for 257 households with more on the way soon along with a cache of food supplies to get people through the next few months.
Damaged house in Sama.
Temporary shelters in Sama.
Sorting through the wreckage in Sama.
Damaged house in Sama.
Damaged house in Sama.
District Coordinator Tinley with supplies enroute to Nubri.

Sama is a community in Nubri Valley, Gorkha District where Nepal SEEDS supports a boarding school and various healthcare initiatives. Despite being close to the earthquake's epicenter Nubri experienced remarkably few deaths. But the physical damage was extensive: in Sama alone 19 houses were levelled and another 12 heavily damaged. The boarding school sustained enough damage that the children are now sleeping in temporary shelters. Nevertheless, classes continue as parents begin rebuilding.

In anticipation of expected food shortages next month due to earthquake losses, Nepal SEEDS sent 3,000kg of food and other supplies to ward off further suffering.

Tin to Bhorle

KP and Keshav went to Bhorleto deliver tin and manage its distribution to 417 households. This will provide residents materials to construct makeshift housing to weather the monsoon. When housing reconstruction begins post-monsoon the tin will be used as roofing material.Tinley also arranged through a separate sponsor a huge donation of food - five truckloads. The people of Bhorle have commenced the road toward recovery.