Nepal SEEDS scholarship recipients Tsewang Sangmo and Pema Diki completed nursing school and are now employed by the non-profit organization Community Action Nepal as nurses in their home communities. Tsewang and Pema have been part of the SEEDS family since 1998.

April 25 2015 
Huge earthquake in Nepal. Confirmed that KP and members of the SEEDS family in Kathmandu are safe. We now have reliable reports of damage in villages where we work and are formulating a response plan.

Donations are needed. Although we are not in a position to provide immediate help, any donations made for earthquake relief will be allocated to rebuilding the communities where we work once the needs have been assessed. Thank you for your concern.


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Family-based training in health and hygiene.
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Thank You!
The Telluride Rotary Club for a grant to support our nurses in Nubri for an entire year.

The Act of Giving Foundation in Seattle for a  grant to support education and training for girls and women.

Kahtoola for the People for providing a new grant in 2014 to support Tibetan medical clinics in Nubri and Tsum.

Prof. E.A. Quinn and Telluride Rotary Club for supporting the 2014 Womens' Health Training Program.

Students, teachers and parents of the International School of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo, for their ongoing support.

Arleen Campos for her numerous hours donated as SEEDS bookkeeper


Meet Dr Shyam Pudasaini, recipient of a Nepal SEEDS scholarship who recently returned to his village to speak about education and healthcare.

At this time NEPAL SEEDS does not have volunteer positions.  The best way to support the work of Nepal SEEDS is to share the stories and successes with your friends, families and colleagues, watch our website for updates on projects and make a donation. Thank you for your interest and support of our work.

Donate Now For Earthquake Relief!
100% of proceeds go towards relief efforts in villages where SEEDS works.


Donate Now For Earthquake Relief
100% of proceeds go towards relief efforts in villages where SEEDS works.
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